Top Tab

top_tab Top tab file folders are the most popular folder and a great way to keep documents organized. Found in nearly every business setting, this type of filing folder places file heading on a tab at the top of the folder. Top tab folders and products work well in file drawers, in briefcases, in desktop organizers and are archived for easy reference in storage boxes.

Who Should Use Top Tab File Folders?

Small to Mid-Sized Organizations and Businesses
Multiple department organizations, small businesses and home offices all use top tab file folders. Indexing methods and document storage requirements vary widely depending upon their industry and record keeping practices.

Decentralized Filing System
Businesses whose departments use documents that remain within a small work group area find it convenient to keep filing cabinets near workstations for quick access. Inactive files are moved to storage boxes when more drawer space is needed.

Household Filing System
Most home filing requirements can be accommodated in a single filing cabinet or in desk drawers. A simple top tab filing system can make all personal or family records easy to locate.

Drawer Filing System
Any type of filing cabinet, vestibule or desk with file drawers requires top tab file folders and supplies.