End Tab

Who Should Use End Tab File Folders?

End tab filing is an efficient alternative for large organizations with many thousands of records. Using folders with tabs on the end instead of the top, this method allows files to be stored on shelves with all of the indexing exposed for easy location of any file, and to allow multiple access to the files by more than one person at a time. End tab file folders allow for the following color coded labels to be applied: Alphabetic Labels, Numeric Labels, Month Labels, Solid Color Labels, and Yearband Labels.

Mid-Sized to Large Organizations
Any organization that keeps records for large numbers of accounts should consider end tab filing. Utilities, government agencies, insurance companies, and heath care facilities use end tab systems to manage their records.

Centralized Filing Systems
Large companies that manage records in a central filing system utilize end tab systems to effectively control file usage and to implement retention schedules.

Frequently Accessed Files
Companies with records that get lots of activity or are used by many people should use end tab filing to minimize congestion.

Organizations with Space Limitations
End tab systems use far less space than traditional top tab or hanging folder systems.

High Volume of Records
End tab filing is the best solution for any organization that has very large numbers of files. Smead offers more end tab filing solutions than anyone in the world.