Digi - Color Coded Label System

digi_label Digi_colortile0 Digi_colortile1 Digi_colortile2 Digi_colortile3 Digi_colortile4 Digi_colortile5 Digi_colortile6 Digi_colortile7 Digi_colortile8 Digi_colortile9
Digi Labels are typically 8-7/8" long with color tiles of 1-1/2" x 1-0" high and are frequently setup with 4 - 7 digits. The color of the tile depends on the value of the digits. The color of the digit is white on its respective color tile. If TensAndOnes units are used, both the Tens and the Ones digits are on the single tile and the color of the tile and the digits are based on the Tens.